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Quality and operatively conducted cleaning up of any type must be in the spectrumof services of any cleaning company. Permanent adoption of innovations in the sphere of the cleaning led to the development of the special classification of objects depending on the place of realization of works. It allowed not only to work out the reliable mechanism of realization of cleaning services,but also apply the individual approach to every client. Exactly for this purpose geography of cleaning services of the company Tick Tack Group broadened on four basic directions:

  • Cleaning of apartments
  • Cleaning of cottages
  • Cleaning of offices
  • Cleaning of shopping centers

The standard, compatible approach to the cleaning in such different types of objects mostly lead to imperfections, and sometimes to the flagrant errors in the process of cleaning up. In fact the cleaning of cottages, for example, and the cleaning of shopping centers differ cardinally. The specialists of the company Tick Tack Group worked out plans for the quality functioning of each of these types of cleaning services taking into account the specific of apartments, where the cleaning is conducted in. Moreover - you are given a chance of acquainting with each of these directions of the cleaning separately on zones: you just need to press on the object, which you are interested in - and you will see, where the cleaning will be conducted in one or another zone. And,depending on the place of localization of the cleaning, at once you will get to know its cost. Thus, the cleaning company Tick Tack Group offers to you the comfortable method of choice of all types of cleaning up and operative count of the cost of individual package of cleaning services for you. In each of these areas by cleaning object type the cleaning services are foreseed separately:
Daily cleaning All people, who become rigid before the phrase “daily cleaning ”, hurry to calm you: the point is about so-called supporting cleaning- that is, light preventive cleaning of rooms. The cleaning company Tick Tack Group will help you. And it doesn’t matter if it is an owner-occupied dwelling, a flat, an office, a shopping centre or an office building- our specialists will take care of it. Daily cleaning can be added by other services. Besides the cleaning, our staff will provide the sanitary and hygienic rooms of the object with consumables, giving: -Ecologically safe detergents ( shampoo, gel, cleaning paste and other cleaners); -Paper goods (toilet paper, tissues, paper towels); -Outfits for replenishment, disinfection, aromatization, and filers for them; - Sanitary and hygienic equipment (dryer for hands, holders for towels, feeders for the soap, holders for paper) Daily cleaning is very important in shopping centres, business centres, buildings in business quarters of the town, where a lot of offices are placed. Carrying cleaning, supporting by the company Tick Tack Group- and the cleanness becomes an ordinary work!
General cleaning The boring process of separating the lentil from the pea by Cinderella- is a general cleaning in our imagination. For the safe health the general cleaning has to be conducted at least 1 time/half a year. Hard, boring work, which has to be finished instead of going to the ball ( bowling, shopping, fishing, etc). Let’s not rely on mythical Cleaning Fairy, when we have energetic brothers Tick and Tack. You can gently take your rods and skittles, because the cleaning company Tick Tack Group works in order that you rest in the cleanness. The general cleaning of apartments, cottages, offices,shopping centres or any other buildings involves cleaning services of different types: -Total cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings, vents from the dust and dirtying. -Washing of windows, partitions, mirrors and other glass surfaces. -Removal of dirtying and dust from windowsills, doors, plinths, furniture, radiators and illuminators. -cleaning of the objects of home appliances, using antistatic devices. -polishing of furniture, doors, cleaning of doorhandles, ledges. -cleaning of carpets and synthetic covering. -cleaning and disinfection of bathroom units. -cleaning of kitchens and kitchen home appliances. -cleaning of balconies Optional the general cleaning can be followed by such services as:

  • dry-cleaning of cushioned furniture and carpets of different kinds.
  • Professional cleaning and care of floor covering: laminate, parquet, linoleum, marble, granite, ceramics.

Sure everybody remember the brownie Kuzya, who was washed till shining cleanness by the girl Natasha. It is almost the same change, which happens with every object, cleaned by Tick and Tack. Because you know the general cleaning, carrying out by the company Tick Tack Group turns into the festival of cleanness and freshness.
Cleaning after renovations, reconstructions of the buildings. Glue, paint, mortars, dust and debris- such unappetizing hotchpotch is waiting for the owner of rebuilt premises or anew rebuilt building. It requires a solid cleaning. Of course you can do it by yourself: make a newspaper forage cap and spread all with wet rags on updated walls and floor, calling this work “the cleaning”. But it is better to call professionals: the cleaning company Tick Tack Group deliver you from afterbiulding troubles, conducting a quality cleaning. The cleaning of such type involves such services:

  • Removal of construction debris( the rest of building materials, finishing agents, etc)
  • Cleaning of all elements of the room by removing stains and traces of paint, adhesives, lime, cement and other building solutions, using special equipment.
  • Cleaning of radiators and vents
  • Washing windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces
  • Polishing of floors and furniture, giving them shine
  • Dry-cleaning of carpeting
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and kitchen facilities
  • closing wet cleaning for the final delivery

Cleaning after renovation or construction, carried out by the company Tick Tack Group, profitably differs as its specialist perfectly know about construction and finishing agents and know which funds are optimal for their cleaning. This means that cleaning doesn’t spoil the premises, and emphasize the beauty of its crystal-clear updates.
Washing of windows and other glass surfaces. The window is the card of any room. You can hang on the wall the painting by Modilyani, put on the floor the priceless Chinese vase from Ming Dynasty, but hundreds of thousands of dollars, spent on these luxurious fitments, nobody will notice them, if you have dirty windows. Dust, dirt, chemical compounds that are in the air, settle on the windows, making them dull and they don’t let through the sunshine. That's why the washing of the windows is necessary: from an aesthetic point of view and for keeping your health. Of course washing of the window of the standard size can be done independently. But everybody knows the feeling when you see stains on your windows after a few hours. And I think nobody try to wash huge windows at high altitude. The situation with stains repeats when you wash other glass surfaces. In such situations the company Tick Tack Group will help you. Washing of windows and other glass surfaces as a cleaning service is carried out in three steps:

  • prior removal of dust, dirt and chemicals from surfaces;
  • cleaning of frames, handles and other non-transparent details;
  • washing of windows, mirrors and stained-glass windows

The cleaning company Tick Tack Group knows how to gain crystal shine. And it will do it for you. Sparkling clean glass surfaces will emphasize your image by its radiance.
Dry-cleaning Do you remember Carlson with a vacuum cleaner, who’s victim became curtains? You will get approximately the same efficiency if you try to limit a vacuum cleaner to remove serious dirty spots of carpets or cushioned furniture. In such situations the way out can be only dry-cleaning. Dry-cleaning of carpeting is recommended as a preventive measure. Dry-cleaning requires good knowledge in order not to spoil the surface. Dry-cleaning is one of the most difficult types of cleaning services and it is better to trust in professionals. The cleaning company Tick Tack Group conducts special trainings for its workers, so they thoroughly know all types of covering and the influence of different chemicals compounds. Owing to professionalism, combined with the latest technology and specialized cleaners, dry-cleaning from the company Tick Tack Group will give a new life to any piece of furniture.
The cleaning company Tick Tack Group also provides the following services: -Hydraulic cleaning of facades( including off-line) -Quartizing, measurement of radiation facilities -Off-line using of the equipment (our electricity and water) -other cleaning services of any kind of difficulty